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Gold: $ 1,298.10 Silver: $ 17.08 Platinum: $ 936.00 Palladium: $ 924.00 09/22/2017 05:01:00 PM
Lunar 1998 Tiger Gold 1oz
Picture of Lunar 1998 Tiger Gold 1oz
Picture of Lunar 1998 Tiger Gold 1oz

Lunar 1998 Tiger Gold 1oz

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The 1998 Gold Tiger is the third coin in The Perth Mint Australian Lunar Series Gold and Silver Bullion Coins collection. Production of the 1-oz Tiger gold coins, as with all the 1-oz gold coins of the Lunar Series, will be limited to 30,000 coins. The production the cap has not been reached, meaning that Tigers are available at small markups over spot.

Like the 1996 Mouse and the 1997 Ox, the obverse of the 1998 Tiger bears the likeness of a young Queen Elizabeth, whereas the remaining coins in the 12-coin series carries an effigy of a mature Queen Elizabeth. The Lunar Series will end in 2007 with the Year of the Pig. All the gold coins in the Lunar Series are .9999 fine gold, and each coin comes encapsulated in plastic protective capsules.

Year of the Tiger Traits

Tiger people are sensitive, contemplative, and capable of great sympathy. Yet they can be short-tempered. Sometimes tiger people come into conflict with older people or authority figures. At times, tiger people cannot make up their minds, which can result in hasty decisions. Tiger people are suspicious types, but they are courageous and powerful. Tigers are most compatible with Horses, Dragons, and Dogs.

Other Tiger years include 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914, and 1902.

Gold Content
1 toz
Total Weight
1.000 oz
Face Value