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Gold Bar PAMP 10oz
Picture of Gold Bar PAMP 10oz
Picture of Gold Bar PAMP 10oz

Gold Bar PAMP 10oz

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This beautiful gold bar is 99.99% pure solid gold.
It weighs a fulll 10 ounces. That is more than 2/3 of a pound of perfect fine gold.

This solid bar of gold comes Mint Sealed with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that matches the number stamped on the bar itself. The certificate has also been sealed in plastic for protection.

This gold bar comes to you direct from Pamp Suisse in Switzerland.
Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux (artistic, precious metals products), better known as PAMP, is the world's leading independent refiner of precious metals, and unquestionably the most prestigious.

The bar itself measures 60mm x 35mm x 8mm.

These 10 oz gold bars are a great way to buy and store a large quantity of gold bullion.

Gold Content
10 toz
Total Weight
10.000 oz