Silver Bullet 25oz 20mm

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Product Description

This .20mm Silver Bullet is the size and shape of a 20mm cannon shell made with .999 fine silver. It is 6.625in (168.275mm) long with a base diameter of 1.156in (29.4mm).

These 25 toz 20mm Silver Bullets are sold in boxes with a certificate of authenticity. Call to purchase your 20mm Silver Bullets from Boston Bullion today!

Serving as the ammunition that will blast away at the failed government economic policies that threaten our financial system and our wealthy, each “round” of Silver Bullet Bullion is ultimately REAL SILVER in a form familiar to all who value freedom and composed completely of metal that has been recognized as money for thousands of years.

Used in cannons and autocannons (such as the M61 Vulcan) primarily for anti-aircraft purposes, the 20 mm is also highly effective against vehicles and buildings. It is a highly destructive, military-grade round that is also used in the Phalanx close-in weapon system, which serves as the last line of defense against missiles that may threaten naval vessels.

This is 25 oz. of solid .999-fine silver in a shape that makes them a unique investment. And, while not actual ammunition for your weapon, they take deadly aim at deficit spending, fiat currency, sovereign debt, quantitative easing, failed Federal Reserve policy, and rampant inflation.


Gold Content 25.0000

Total Weight 25 toz

Purity .999

Country USA

Face Value

Diameter 29.4mm