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Silver Bullet .625oz 9mm
Picture of Silver Bullet .625oz 9mm
Picture of Silver Bullet .625oz 9mm

Silver Bullet .625oz 9mm

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This .625 toz Silver Bullet is the size and shape of a 9mm cartridge made with .999 fine silver. It is 1.17in (29.72mm) long with a base diameter of .386in (9.8mm).

These .625 toz 9mm Silver Bullets are sold in boxes of 8 (containing 5 troy oz total) with a certificate of authenticity. Call to purchase your 9mm Silver Bullets from Boston Bullion today!

Own a near perfect replica of the versatile and popular 9mm bullet, made with pure investment grade .999 fine silver. Weighing 5/8 (.625) Troy oz each, the 9mm Silver Bullet Bullion, while not actual ammunition for your weapon, strike a powerful blow to deficit spending, fiat currency, sovereign debt, quantitative easing, failed Federal Reserve policy, and rampant inflation.

Slowly but surely, the 9mm bullet has become one of the most popular pistol cartridges in the world, widely available in countries all over the globe. Thanks to its flat trajectory and moderate recoil, the 9mm is also a highly accurate and very lethal round, even from distances of over 50m.

Each Silver Bullet Bullion 5/8 (.625) Troy oz 9mm round is shipped in an individual polybag. Or you can get 8 for 5! 8 bullets, 5 ounces!

Silver Content
0.625 toz
Total Weight
0.625 toz