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Silver Bullet 7oz 12Gauge
Picture of Silver Bullet 7oz 12Gauge
Picture of Silver Bullet 7oz 12Gauge

Silver Bullet 7oz 12Gauge

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This 7 toz Silver Bullet is the size and shape of a 12 Gauge Shotgun cartridge made with .999 fine silver. It is 2.46in (62.48mm) long with a base diameter of .9in (22.86mm).

These 7 toz 12 Gauge Shotgun Silver Bullets are sold in boxes of 5 (containing 35 troy oz total) with a certificate of authenticity. Call to purchase your 12 Gauge Shotgun Silver Bullets from Boston Bullion today!

Slide the handle and blow away the looming threat of financial meltdowns by owning a near-perfect replica of the 12-gauge shotgun shell, made with pure investment-grade .999-fine silver!

Weighing 7 Troy oz each, the 12 Gauge Silver Bullet Bullion, while not actual ammunition for your shotgun, is perfect for building up your investment arsenal. Every 7 Troy oz “shell” would also make an excellent award for a shooting competition, sales award, or as a top prize in any contest.

The 12 gauge shotgun has been the great equalizer for many, from stagecoach security riding “shotgun” to modern day SWAT and riot police. This powerful and not-so-silent weapon is the go-to firearm for basic home defense as well.

Each Silver Bullet Bullion 7 Troy oz 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell is shipped in a special single cartidge box (pictured) with a certificate of authenticity.

Silver Content
7 toz
Total Weight
7 toz