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Government Mint Bullion

As the name states, a government mint is owned and operated by a government and produces a nation’s coins and currency. Coins are made in several varieties, with the primary being coinage that will be circulated as money for the purpose of purchasing. As well as manufacturing currency, some government mints also produce other products such as bullion.

Various Coins Minted

A government mint may produce a few different types of coins.

  • Circulating Coins are used for everyday monetary transactions. They include quarters, dimes, nickels or pennies. This is what we consider change. The coins you give as a tip when you get a coffee or store in the device formerly known in your car as an ashtray.

  • Bullion Coins are coins that are produced containing pure bullion or precious metals. Bullion coins have a face value and are considered good, legal tender. These coins are far more valuable, however, than their face value. The value of bullion coins is determined by their metal content. A coin containing an ounce of pure gold, for example, will be valued based on the one ounce gold price.

  • Collectible and Proof Coins are specialty coins produced by government mints to commemorate significant historic events or figures. These coins may also be produced with beautiful designs or other creative imprints. Collectible coins are typically of very limited mintage making them sought after not only for their beauty and potential bullion content, but also for their relative scarcity.

  • Bullion

    There are only a couple of government mints that produce bullion bars or other non-coin products. The Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint are probably the two most prominent operations that produce both bullion bars, coinage and currency.

    The Perth mint produces gold and silver bullion bars and coins. As does The Royal Canadian Mint. We are uncertain of the reasons that other governments do not sell bullion bars.

    Bullion Coins minted by Government Mints

    The prestigious Government mints share many similarities. They all produce coinage and have excelled at producing beautiful, pure and high quality coins that are much sought after. Much time and thought has gone into producing coins that distinguish the country of origin through design, metal content, purity and a uniqueness.

    Government mint coins typically are the creations of very talented artists and designers who produce the image for the coin. A tremendous amount of consideration goes into the design of any coin. The coin will represent the country that is making it therefore much pride is taken in its creation. Government minted coins often have a design that is symbolic in nature.

    These designs typically have various patriotic themes. In addition to the coin’s design, the mints also take great measures to guarantee the purity of the gold or silver used in the coin. While these purity levels can vary, generally speaking government mints use precious metals that are extremely high in purity.

  • American Gold Eagle – This coin is produced by the U.S. Mint and features a stunning American bald eagle design as well as an image of Lady Liberty. Gold eagles contain 91.67 percent pure gold. Gold eagles are available in several weights.

  • America the Beautiful Series – This is a collector’s coin series produced by the U.S. Mint. These coins have a face value of $.25 and come in various designs. These coins are made of .999 fine silver. Because of their designs these coins are more of a collectible than anything else.

  • Canadian Maple Leaf – This coin is available in both gold and silver and is a very popular coin. It features the symbolic Canadian maple leaf design with the portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The maple leaf coin is one of the purest gold and silver coins around with a purity of .9999 percent fine gold and .9999 percent fine silver. Gold maple leafs are available in several weights.

  • Chinese Panda – This is another great example of a government mint coin. The panda features the Chinese panda design and contains .999 percent fine gold. The Chinese panda also comes in various weights. This is another great example of a government mint gold bullion coin featuring a very patriotic design.