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Silver Bullet 2oz 7.62mm
Picture of Silver Bullet 2oz 7.62mm
Picture of Silver Bullet 2oz 7.62mm

Silver Bullet 2oz 7.62mm

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This 2 toz Silver Bullet is the size and shape of a 7.62 NATO (.308) cartridge made with .999 fine silver. It is 2.72in (69.09mm) long with a base diameter of .470in (11.94mm).

These 2 toz 7.62 NATO (.308) Silver Bullets are sold in boxes of 5 (containing 10 troy oz total) with a certificate of authenticity. Call to purchase your 7.62 NATO (.308) Silver Bullets from Boston Bullion today!

Take action against the looming threat of financial insecurity and arm yourself today with 7.62 NATO Silver Bullet Bullion. At 2.72 in length every bullet is a near exact, non-firing replica of the round developed in the 1950s accepted as the first standard NATO cartridge (also called a .308). The 7.62 NATO (.308) Silver Bullet Bullion is two troy ounces of solid .999-fine silver, a unique weight that makes it handy for bartering.

The 7.62 NATO round was designed to retain the ballistic performance of its predecessor the .30-06, but with a shorter cartridge length that worked more efficiently in newer, detachable-magazine rifles. It was first used by the US in the M14 infantry rifle and M60 machine gun. Though mostly replaced in modern service, the 7.62 NATO round remains popular for its superior performance in long range applications.

Now 7.62 NATO (.308) Silver Bullet Bullion lets you exercise your right to defend yourself and your family from the oppressive government policies, economic upheavals, stock market fluctuations, and depleting world currency values that threaten your safety and well-being.

Silver Content
2 toz
Total Weight
2 toz