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Every year collectors are presented with a large variety of options to add to their collection. Whether you on top of the upcoming releases or searching online for “gold and silver bullion near me,” Boston Bullion is here to help. As one of the premier coin shops in Burlington, MA, we have the resources to deliver what your collection desires. Here is a look at just a few of the releases we’ll see during 2020.


Silver American Eagle Mini Monster Box

The MintCertified™ Mini-Monster boxes of 2020 will feature five sealed black plastic boxes containing Silver Eagle Tubes. These tubes come directly from the US Mint and have never been opened. Each tube contains 20 Silver Eagles.


American Eagle Gold Coin

One of the most popular coins available, the American Gold Coin, continues to be a collector favorite. Minted in 22-karat gold, the 2020 coin is the third in the three-year “Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series.” The series differentiates from one another by the following inscriptions:

  • 2018: Life
  • 2019: Liberty
  • 2020: Happiness


Australian Gold Kangaroo

Dating back to 1986, this series is a must-have among collectors across the globe. Formally known as the Gold Nugget Coin, the Gold Kangaroo series earned its name in 1989 by the Perth Mint. The 2020 release features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II and on the reverse, a new image from previous years. The upcoming coin will feature the image of an adult mother kangaroo standing upright with the baby kangaroo in the background. Although this is the perfect addition to any collection, the .9999 pure gold element makes it an even more appealing option for serious collectors.


Lunar Series

2020 is the Year of the Mouse with the first release from the Lunar Series III. Like the Gold Kangaroo, one side features a profile of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. The reverse features a field mouse climbing a wheat stalk amongst a field of wheat. Both the Chinese symbol for “mouse” and the words “Mouse 2020” are minted onto the coin along with the Perth mintmark.


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From the team here at Boston Bullion, we wish you all a happy and profitable New Year! Stop searching for “silver and gold bullion near me,” and give us a call to schedule your appointment today. 781-710-8419