bullet bullion

With their original introduction in 2014, silver bullet bullion took the coin world by storm. Bullet bullion was a rare product that collectors weren’t expecting. Hence the reason dealers and coins shops had a difficult time keeping them in stock. Created by a private mint, the introduction was unlike that of new coin releases.

Collectors are well aware of upcoming coin releases. From the name to the details, release date to selection choices, the U.S. Mint releases a yearly schedule of what to expect. However, with bullet bullion, it was suddenly here and for sale.


Types of silver bullet bullion

As any serious collector knows, diversity to your portfolio is essential. By incorporating silver bullet bullion, you’ll have a unique display of shapes and sizes.



Modeled after the .45 caliber ACP, the 1 oz silver bullet has become a fan favorite. Made from .999 fine silver, you’ll receive this piece in a box of 10 (total of 10 troy ounces) with a certificate of authenticity.

More than anything, this collection piece represents a piece of history. Replica to the design created by John Browning in 1904, this bullet was used in what eventually became the M1911 handgun adopted by the US Army in 1911.



Both the .308 and 7.62 NATO are interchangeable within this category. Introduced in 1951 for commercial hunting rifles, this bullet was later adopted by NATO. The primary use was for machine guns, sniper rifles, and service weapons chosen by the Special Forces.



Modeled after the 20mm caliber cannon ammunition, this collection comes as 25 oz 20mm bullets. The primary use of this bullet was for larger targets like aircraft and buildings; tanks and infantry soldiers are most familiar with this model.



This massive caliber is primarily used for firing overseas and through armored vehicles and aircraft. Furthermore, in earlier days, these bullets were sometimes loaded with high-explosives to destruct the target further. Because of the size, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this piece will bear imperfections such as blemishes and/or scratches.


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