apex silver bars

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Boston Bullion is in regards to the authenticity of the gold and silver in question. No matter what type of bullion you’re looking to purchase, the seller should be able to provide you with proof that it’s the real deal. For instance, apex silver bars are typically stamped with the mint that produced them. This article will cover a few of the ways to tell that your bullion is authentic.


The Ring Test

When tapped, real silver should produce a ringing sound. If you’re dealing with coins, flick it into the air or tap it with another coin to see if it will provide the ringing sound. The ring is a high-pitched sound and last 1 to 2 seconds.   However, be careful when testing your bullion so not to ding or dent it.


The Ice Test

Of all the precious metals, silver has the highest thermal conductivity. Thus, if you place an ice cube onto your silver bar, it should begin to melt instantly. Fun little science fact for you!


The Magnet Test

Another fun science fact about silver, it is not magnetic. Thus, when going to purchase any type of silver, it’s always a good idea to have a Neodymium magnet on hand. By placing the magnet on the bullion, you’ll have your answer. When testing apex silver bars, hold them at a 45-degree angle. Place the magnet onto the bar and take notice of the speed in which it falls. If the silver is real, the magnet will slide slowly. However, if the silver bar is fake, the magnet will either stick or slide off very quickly.


Although these tests are easy to do, they’re not always correct. It’s still good practice to inquire on whether there is a certificate of authenticity available. However, not all mints provide these, so if there is no certificate, don’t be alarmed. For more information on purchasing Apex silver bars, contact Ken at Boston Bullion. Available by appointment only, our shop has the range of bullion you’ve been searching for your collection. Call today at 781.710.8419.