Every year coin collectors see an abundance of unique themes and designs being released for sale. Although some of these may be hard to come across, Boston coin shops, like Boston Bullion, can assist you in finding that special coin! This article highlights a few of the most interesting coins of the year thus far.


Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

One of the most sold commemorative coins of the year, the Apollo 11 50th anniversary gold commemorative coin. From it’s historical significance to its unique design, this one is a must for any collectors portfolio. Click here to read more about the Apollo 11 release.


American Legion 100th Anniversary

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of The American Legion, this gold proof coin has a mintage limit of 50,000. Founded on March 15, 1919, the American Legion was formed as a service to veterans, service members, and communities. Surcharges on the purchase of this coin benefit the American Legion and their current programs to support those who serve or have served, our country.


Birth Set

If you know a baby born this year, this set is a perfect way to begin any collection. The 2019 United States birth set includes the following proof coins:

  • Kennedy half dollar
  • Lowell National Historical Park quarter
  • Roosevelt dime
  • Jefferson nickel
  • Lincoln penny

Each coin bears the “S” mark of the San Francisco Mint and is dated 2019. Along with a presentation folder, these uncirculated coins come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Although this is the 8th birth set printed by the United States Mint, we felt we should mention them due to the popularity!


Mighty Minters

Another perfect little gift for those tiny collectors in your life is the Mighty Minters ornament. Featuring an uncirculated Kennedy half dollar, this piece was created at the Philadelphia mint.  Full of color and visual appeal, this piece is sure to capture the attention of all the youngsters. 

2019 Mint ornaments


If you’re searching for a specific unique coin to add to your collection, contact Boston’s premier coin shop, Boston Bullion. We can help you locate that missing piece you’ve been searching for. Call us today at (781) 710.8419.