Valentine’s Day is here and for many, that means last minute shopping. Last-minute shopping means high-stress and impulse buying. Not a good combination if we can say so. However, with a quick trip to Boston coin shops, you can buy gold bullion coins with ease. Even if that special someone doesn’t know a thing about coins, they’re the perfect gift for several different reasons.

In this article, we’re taking a look at why you should consider buying gold coins this Valentine’s Day.


There’s a large variety

Whether you’re considering buying gold maple coins, a commemorative set, or even gold buffalo coins, the possibilities are truly endless. The key is knowing what sparks the other person’s interest and what they may already have in their collection. Adding unique pieces by choosing factors that are personal to the recipient is a sure way to their heart!

For instance, February saw the release of the National Park of American Samoa. If your loved one is a collector of the American the Beautiful Quarters, this is the perfect addition (if they haven’t already made the purchase)! Or perhaps they’re collectors of the American Eagle. Mid-January collectors were presented with the one-ounce silver proof American Eagle.


They’re a great conversation starter

It doesn’t matter if your loved one is novice or an avid collector; gold bullion coins are a great conversation starter. For those with little knowledge about bullion, it’s the perfect time for you to show off your knowledge. Explaining the significance of the coin, the history, and other facts is a sure way to spark interest.

Even if the receipt is well-versed in the world of bullion, conversation should come easily. However, it may cost you a bit more to purchase a gold coin that is sure to wow them!

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This Valentine’s Day, be sure to buy gold bullion coins from Boston’s most trusted coin shop, Boston Bullion. Call us today to schedule your appointment or place your order (781) 710-8419. Phone orders are accepted from 9 am until midnight.