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With a fear of the quickly spreading COVID-19 epidemic, global stock markets are feeling the effect. However, as stocks fall, the value of gold is increasing. Whether you’re looking to buy gold bullion coins or buffalo bars, here’s a look at a few things you need to know first.


The fear of economic fallout

People across the world are facing the reality that coronavirus is affecting global consumption. Because of this very real reality, gold is moving up as a safe haven. As with any economic theory of supply and demand, prices will move as demand increases. As the virus continues to spread, and cases continue to increase, gold prices are expected to trade at record-breaking numbers.


New trends

As past trends have shown, as the dollar rises, the value of gold falls. However, according to a recent Arora Report, gold is jumping instead of sinking. Despite current market trends, many analysts consider the dollar value to be rising. This occurrence is considered rare as the two are moving in an upward trend together. Needless to say, there are mixed messages being sent to consumers regarding the dollar and economic state of the world due to the effect of the coronavirus.


What this means

If you’ve considered purchasing gold in the past, now is the time to buy gold bullion coins. Not only are they considered a safe haven in today’s world, but the value of gold will hold steady for some time. However, as with any portfolio, values will fluctuate. Regardless of the immediate value, having a well-rounded, diverse portfolio is always the best path for all levels of collectors.

“Epidemics and pandemics do have market consequences and raise risk, and … they can be deadly,” wrote David Kotok, chairman and CIO at money manager Cumberland Advisors. The article continues to state that “Wall Street’s reaction to such epidemics and fast-moving diseases is often short-lived.”


In a world of uncertainty, having a solid nest is crucial. Contact the team at Boston Bullion today to schedule your appointment. We can assist you with buying gold bullion coins, palladium, silver, and whatever else your portfolio requires to secure your diversity and worth. Call today at (781) 710-8419 for more information.


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