As Burlington’s premier coin shop, the team at Boston Bullion wanted to take a minute to speak to our customers about what comes after the purchase. You’ve spent the time researching which piece would make the perfect addition to your collection. You’ve searched coin shops near you and checked reviews. Now that the coins are in your hand, so what’s next? Proper care and storage are crucial elements in maintaining the value of your collection.



If you haven’t already created an organized system for your collection, now is the time to do so. Depending on the size of your collection, you may want to consider a locked display case. However, many people utilize smaller means to keep coins safe and organized. These items may include coin envelopes, holders, or even an album for storage.

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The following items are recommended for every collector to have on hand:

  • Cotton gloves for handling delicate pieces
  • A soft cloth or jeweler’s tray to set coins on/in when viewing them
  • Magnifying glass to inspect fine details
  • Proper lighting is imperative
  • When measuring, always use a plastic ruler to avoid accidental scratches
  • Recent reference book that includes dates, mint marks, guidelines, and pricing



As we mentioned, having a soft cloth or gloves to handle your coins is always best. This will protect the coin from oils and fingerprints that could prove to be corrosive to the metal. The proper way to hold a coin is by its edges between your thumb and forefinger.

Although you may want to shine your collection, this is an act you’ll want to avoid. Believe it or not, aged coins that have deep color tend to be more valuable than those shiny ones in your collection.



Coins should be stored in a cool, dry environment as moisture can devalue your collection by promoting tarnish. Furthermore, keeping them in their original packaging or case will provide the highest level of protection. Along with the original packaging, be sure to hang onto any documentation. Many collectors will expect a certificate of authenticity and an information card.


For more helpful tips on caring for your bullion collection, contact Ken at Boston Bullion. As the go-to Burlington coin shop, our team is here to assist with any of your collection needs. Call today (781) 710-8419.