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Each year hundreds of people seek out coin appraisal in Boston. Whether they’ve inherited a collection that they don’t know what to do with, or come across an old coin in an unexpected place, it’s crucial to know the worth of your coins. However, there are several Boston coin shops that claim to provide an honest and accurate appraisal, but deliver a less than ideal service.

Here at Boston Bullion, we’re proud to be one the most trust bullion dealers in Boston and its outskirts. Our reputation was built on honesty and hard work. Current prices and what we’ll buy your coins for is never a surprise. We’ve created this list of key elements when it concerns an coin appraisal in Boston or other cities. If the dealer you’re working with can’t provide you with the following, you may want to question their credibility.


The cost of the service

If you’re seeking a coin dealer to potentially sell one, or a whole collection, of gold coins, there is one thing for certain. The appraisal portion of the potential sale should come at no cost to you. A reputable dealer will recognize the fact that the appraisal is a step of the process. However, if you’re looking to solely confirm the value of your coins with no intent to sell, a small fee in this situation would be acceptable.


No strings attached

Sure, coin appraisals can take a considerable amount of time. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be roped into selling your collection if you decide you don’t want to. The appraisal should not only come at no cost to you, but with no obligation to continue with the dealer if you’re not comfortable doing so.


Valid resources

A reputable dealer will be able to provide you with the resources utilized to come to their deciding price. All prices should be validated and supported by industry standards and pricing. Resources such as the Handbook of the United States Coins: The Official Blue Book is a great reference for those less familiar with the industry.


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If you’ve come across coins that seem of value, be sure to choose a trusted coin shop for your coin appraisal in Boston. Word of mouth and online sources can provide you with honest feedback from everyday people. Upon your travels, we’re certain you’ll come across the team at Boston Bullion. Our shop is built on honesty and trust. Call us to schedule your appointment today at (781) 710-8419.