The holidays are a season of giving, and that’s precisely what happened in early in December. In Indianapolis, a bell ringer for the Salvation Army stumbled upon a shiny gold coin laying among the crumpled bills in the famous red kettle collection bin. Little did he know, that coin would turn out to be a 1915 Austrian 100 corona. The coin was valued at $1,500.


The Salvation Army

Since 1865, the Salvation Army has grown to what it is today. Serving over 130 countries around the globe and approximately 23 million Americans each year, the organization makes a significant impact on the lives of many. From natural disaster survivors to fighting human trafficking, the reach of the Salvation Army is nothing short of incredible. To read more about their efforts, follow this link and see how you can help.


Austrian 100 corona

Salvation Army volunteer James Bond found an Austrian 100 Corona valued at $1,500 in his kettle. Photo provided by Salvation Army

Austrian 100 Coronas are Re-strikes

Although the coin’s design states the year of 1915, the Austrian 100 Corona is a re-strike. The production of the 1915 re-strike began in 1975 and was minted for mass circulation as competition to the Gold South African Krugerrand.


Coin Features:

  • Made from 0.900 fine gold
  • Weight of 0.9802 troy ounce
  • Diameter 37.1 mm
  • Thickness 2.29 mm
  • Obverse features a bust portrait of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary
  • Reverse features the Austrian Coat of Arms superimposed over an imperial double-headed eagle
  • Minted at the Austrian Mint


The original Austrian Gold Coronas were minted in the early 1900s and were the country’s first gold currency. From 1908-1914 these coins were released with the actual release date featured on the reverse. However, coming across one of these coins is extremely rare.


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