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Chances are, at some point in time, your path has crossed with a Sacagawea coin.  The $1 gold coin is part of the Native American series released for circulation by the U.S. Mint beginning in 2009.  Similar to the popular American Eagle series, each year provides a new version of the Sacagawea coin. Familiar to many, we pass them along like a typical quarter. However, there’s a reason why you should take a closer look at your collection with your local Burlington coin shop, Boston Bullion.


The Release

Even though mass circulation of the Sacagawea began in 2009, the U.S. Mint first released the coin in the year 2000.  However, the release was limited and aimed more as a promotion than anything else.  In an attempt to raise awareness of the “Golden Dollar,” General Mills stuffed 5,500 boxes of Cheerios with the 2000 Sacagawea Gold Dollar.


The Details are in The Feathers

Not until five years after the promotional Cheerios boxes were released was an error discovered. Labeled as “Cheerios Dollars,” experts found discrepancies within the tail feathers of these promotional coins. It was revealed that the Cheerios coins were struck from a different set of master dies than the regular Sacagawea Dollars. 

Thus, a select few of these coins were generated with enhanced detail on the feathers of the eagle.  However, after intensive research, it’s been discovered that not all of these coins contain the enhancement.  In fact, only seventy of the fifty-five hundred have come forth thus far, making it impossible to know how many of these coins are in circulation.


The Lucky Golden Coin

With scrutiny and the help of your Burlington coin shop, an inspection of the middle feathers will reveal the truth.  When looking at the middle feathers, or those closest to the eagle’s feet, you should notice two larger feathers.  If you’re the lucky handler of a Cheerios Dollar, your feathers will be clearly separated in detail.  However, for many of us, we’ll see a blend of feathers with no interior details.

Because of the vast interest and minimum quantity, the Cheerios Dollar is in high demand.  Thus, should you stumble upon one of these in your piggy bank, be sure to hang onto it tightly.  It’s recorded that the highest price paid so far for this coin is $29,900.00 through Heritage Auctions in Texas.



Many experts think the majority of these coins were unknowingly spent as the common dollar.  So now that you know  about the Cheerios Dollar be sure to hang on tight to any Sacagawea’s that may cross your path.  If in doubt, stop into Boston Bullion, your local Burlington coin shop, and have your coins inspected by our experts.  For more information, contact us at (781) 710-8419.