Austrian 100 Corona


As one of the earliest coins available to gold bullion buyers, gold coronas were Austria’s first method of currency during the reform of 1892. The first issues were gold bullion coins that valued 10 or 20 corona. It was not until 1908 that the Austrian 100 Corona was issued.

At a time when owning gold bullion was illegal in the United States, the Austria Government saw an opportunity. The loop-hole was in the fact that “gold coins with collectible interest were still legal to own.” According to the American government, gold bullion coins that fell into the legal category were those struck before 1933. Thus, when the Austrian 100 Corona gold coin came about, it was considered a re-strike with the date of 1915, making them legal to import into the United States; even though we’re talking about the 1960s.


Modern day interests

Due to the change of laws and the increase of bullion investors, popularity in the Austrian 100 has slightly decreased. However, it still holds steady as a popular choice with its readily available presence and net worth. The typical Austrian coin will hold 2% over gold worth. Among the lowest-premium gold bullion coins, Austrian 100 Coronas are an excellent choice for those looking for “cheap gold,” with its weight reaching just under one ounce of gold.


The design

The front of this coin depicts the profile of the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph I. On the reverse is the Austrian Coast of Arms superimposed over a crowned imperial double-headed eagle. The reverse also states coin value and year of production. It is extremely rare to find one of these coins dated prior to 1915.





  • Size: .9802 ounces
  • Denomination: 100 Corona
  • Gross weight: 33.87 grams
  • Actual gold weight: 30.48 grams
  • Purity: .900 gold, 21.6 karat
  • Diameter: 37 mm, 1.457 inches
  • Thickness: 2.3 mm, .074 inches
  • Minted: Austrian Mint



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