bullet bullion

For those new to precious metals, terms and definitions can be confusing and overwhelming.  For instance, there’s gold bullion, bullet bullion, apex bullion, gold bullion, and of course, Boston Bullion!  As your local Boston coin shop, our team at Boston Bullion strives to keep our customers up to date on the latest trends, pricing, and availability.  One thing we believe in is making educated choices and purchases.  This article will go back to basics and help you to understand bullion, or more specifically, bullet bullion.



The word “bullion” comes from the French word “bouillon,” which means “boiling.” Commonly sold as gold or silver, bullion can be any precious metal.  These metals are then formed into bars, coins, or bullets.  Typically, bullion is used for trade on a global market or personal investments. To determine the value, the metal’s purity and mass are assessed.  To assess the purity of bullion, the age-old technique of fire assay is employed.


Starting Your Collection

One of the most common places to begin a bullion collection is with coins.  This is because coins are the easiest to come across, and your collection can start with the coins you already have in your home.  However, to be considered an actual collector, you should consider buying collectible coins.  A collectible coin can include; program coins, annual coins and sets, uncirculated sets, or commemorative coins.  A few of the most popular coins worldwide are the American Silver and Gold Eagle coins.  However, when considering how to build your collection, you should first, and foremost, decide on what appeals to you.


Bullet Bullion

Although coin collectors can be found worldwide, for some, this is not an appealing way to collect bullion.  Even the most prominent coin collectors in the world will typically have a few unusual pieces in their collection.  For example, bullet bullion is an appealing variation of bullion collecting.  Silver bullets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Not only are these appealing to collectors for their value, but also for the folklore that comes with them.


The Mystery and The Myths

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, chances are that you’ve heard stories of the werewolf.  Only able to be killed by a real silver bullet, fantasy enthusiasts find these collectible items fascinating.  However, one thing to keep in mind, if you were to cross paths with a werewolf, these bullets were not made with the intent of ever being utilized. 


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