Gold Bar 10oz CS

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OUR BEST DEAL ON GOLD BARS – These gold bars will be made by Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, JM, Engelhard or another brand name manufacturer. PAMP Suisse bars are pictured, but Credit Suisse bars are usually delivered. The difference is that the non-PAMP bars don’t have the goddess of fortune picture and may have the certificate separate from the bar. The PAMP Suisse bars often cost 1-2% more than the others.

Credit Suisse 10 ounce gold bars are the standard for 1 ounce gold bars.
They contain 10 troy ounces of 99.99% pure solid gold.

This solid bar of gold comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that matches the number stamped on the bar itself.

These 10 oz gold bars are a great way to buy and store a large quantity of gold bullion.


Gold Content 10 toz

Total Weight 10.000 oz

Purity 99.99%

Country Switzerland

Thickness 8mm