Lunar 2006 Dog Gold 1oz

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Perth Mint 2006 Lunar Dog .9999 pure 1 ounce gold coin.

With a limited production run of only 30,000 1 ounce gold coins, the 1 oz Perth Mint Lunar Series 2006 Dog Gold Coin is expected to be the next coin in the series to sell out. Buyers include dog lovers in addition to collectors and investors.

This means that investors in Lunar Series coins can profit in two ways:

1) Gold Price Appreciation (each coin is a full troy ounce of pure gold)
2) Collector Premiums (when the series sells out)

The premiums for the other sold-out coins (dragon, horse and snake) are anywhere from $100 to $350 already.

Add the 2006 Gold Dog to your Perth Mint Lunar Series collection today while premiums are still low.

People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people’s confidence. However, Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money. Dog people can be quite critical and are noted for their sharp tongues, but they make good leaders. They are compatible with those born in the Years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit.

Besides 2006, other Years of Dog are 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922, and 1910.

With the 2006 Year of the Dog coins, The Perth Mint did something unique for the Lunar Series. Different breeds of dogs are used on the silver coins than on the gold coins.

For the gold coins, The Perth Mint chose a beagle. But, for the silver coins a German shepherd was chosen. (Of course, it would be difficult to put different breeds of dragons on coins!)


Gold Content 1 toz

Total Weight 1.000 oz

Purity 99.99%

Country Australia

Face Value AU$100

Diameter 32.1mm

Thickness 2.65mm